Thursday, June 16, 2011

House block - block two

House block - block two by Linseed2010
House block - block two, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Here's the second block for my house quilt. Next I'll be doing the hammock that Jodi suggested - and making it all tropical! Good thing to do when it's winter outside.

House block - block one

House block - block one by Linseed2010
House block - block one, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

I've finally finished the first block for my house quilt - I decided to piece the trees. I'm planning to do one block each week. It's good to set a goal...

Circle quilt, back from the quilter

IMG_2052 by Linseed2010
IMG_2052, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Thanks Fran from Willow Patch for your fabulous quilting.

Circle quilt

IMG_2050 by Linseed2010
IMG_2050, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Excuse the photo - it's a gorgeous sunny winter afternoon. I have sewn on the binding, just need to turn and handstitch it down.

And the beauty is - I didn't buy any new fabric for this. Discovered that I had enough spotty fabric already (shows the kind of stash I have!)

Circle quilt close up

IMG_2047 by Linseed2010
IMG_2047, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

The machine quilter used black and white thread, and we decided on an open spiral/ snail shell. I'm sooo happy with it!

Circle quilt

IMG_2048 by Linseed2010
IMG_2048, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Back from the quilter - a close up.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ben's wonky houses quilt

Ben's wonky houses quilt by Linseed2010
Ben's wonky houses quilt, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

A real milestone today. Ten people have now marked this as a favourite on flickr.

I loaded this (pretty bad) photo to flickr about 15 months ago.

I really need to take another shot, which 1) shows the whole quilt (!) and 2) doesn't have bumps all over (husband's knees and elbows, I think).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spiderweb close up

Well I've sewn together 10 blocks so far. Planning a double bed-sized quilt - so only 40-50 to go?!

Close up

Spiderweb close up

Enjoying using selvages...

Close up

Spiderweb progress

Last night and this morning I've sewn together my spiderweb blocks to date.

Ben's morning joke

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo? I guessed a "shangaroo" - wrong it's a wooly jumper!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spotto - our car game

46/365: yellow car by xxxrmt
46/365: yellow car, a photo by xxxrmt on Flickr.

We're mad about a game called spotto. The rules are simple, just say "spotto" first whenever you see a yellow car. The boys and I play it most days driving to school. Then when I've dropped them off, I catch myself still playing the game.

We often come up with all sorts of complicating rules - my husband has tried bringing in negative spotto if you cheat.

Does anyone else play it? The kids have started to say that I'm obsessed!

(This is obviously not my photo - but isn't it a gorgeous one.)

Chocolate cake!!

There - that got your attention... I baked a chocolate cake for Ben last night (this is obviously not mine). He's learning about money in his class right now, and all the kids had to bring something along to their market day, they're using fake money.

I loved Ben's attention to detail. He suggested packing food-handling gloves, drew a big poster, which set out the ingredients. He also did a small cardboard sign, saying that slices were $1.50 each. The sign could be flipped to the other side ($1 each) if sales weren't going so well!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ten make two bee quilt top

And I really like this one - teeny houses and trees - and all in red and aqua.

Paint Chip Challenge Quilt Block

Gorgeous range of aquas and reds...

Red and Aqua Half Square Triangle Quilt

Another red and aqua - so fresh with lots of white sashing.

Red and Aqua House Doll Quilt

I've found a "red and aqua love" group on Flickr. Looove that colour combination - I'll have to give it a go.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A monkey lives here!

Close up my first house bock.

Washing should be dry soon

Close up of my first house block.

Sunshine to dry the washing

Last night I finished the first block for my house quilt. I wanted a big sun to dry the washing. I drew up a pattern to paper piece and it worked!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Starting my house quilt

IMG_2032 by Linseed2010
IMG_2032, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.
I've been inspired by another flickr member - Mini Milly, who received a quilt of lots of quirky houses from her friends.

I came up with some ideas while I was sitting in a very boring meeting this week! Did the notes in (very bad) shorthand so no one would be able to read my notes, and realise I was thinking about quilts!

This will be block number one - a clothesline. And I'm thinking about having the trees in these pots. I've had these buttons for ever.

I'm thinking of making a chook shed, bush block with a water tank, a solar house, a Victorian house with ornate trellising, a push bike in front of a house (make it obvious that kids live there), a house with a thriving vege patch, a hippy house with a peace sign. One block will be just a tree - can't have houses everywhere.

Does anyone else have some bright ideas that I could add?

Close up

IMG_2033 by Linseed2010
IMG_2033, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Bird in the tree, undies on the line!

Close up

IMG_2034 by Linseed2010
IMG_2034, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.


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