Sunday, July 31, 2011

Andrew's parrot day

Andrew spent the afternoon at a bird sanctuary with a friend. They were in the aviary for about three hours, just getting free top ups of apple from the front office. The parrots were gorgeous!

And it was my birthday. The boys decorated the cake with pink sprinkles and sporty candles!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Andrew's photos

We had a really relaxed Saturday afternoon. Took the boys to tennis, then we went home and sat outside - it was a lovely warm winters day. Andrew took photos for more than an hour. He discovered all sorts of functions - like colour swapping - as you'll see in some of these photos.

Andrew picked up orange from somewhere, did a colour swap on the camera and made the white clouds dramatic.

Then he used the yellow on the shovel's handle to turn the trampoline yellow.

I picked some lovely fresh rocket to put in my sandwich - Andrew changed the colour so it looks like I was eating a piece of ash!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My latest blocks

I've decided to make new cushions for the lounge. The lovely patchwork ones that mum made us - long ago - are splitting along their seams.

Here are my first two blocks. I've tried to keep to mainly Jan Mullens fabrics - which is a feat for me - I always go for a scrappy look...

Present from Carol

I'm part of a quilting group. We meet once a month. This time, Carol had presents for us. She bought me a pack of material. Just lovely. Carol said she felt like spreading the love - what a friend!

My gorgeous Andrew

You know how it is when you're a mum - always the guilts for something.

I was feeling terrible a couple of days ago, I'd yelled at my kids.

Then Andrew (my 13-year-old) said out of the blue - I love you mum, you're kind.

Well, that made me feel wonderful. What a gorgeous boy.

Here's a photo of him an an outdoor ice skating rink they've set up in the city centre.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth block close up

Fourth block close up by Linseed2010
Fourth block close up, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Close up of my fourth block. I knew I bought this chicken wire fabric for a reason!!

Fourth block - houses quilt

Fourth block by Linseed2010
Fourth block, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Here's the fourth block for my houses quilt. I have a rooster and a chook house.

I scored this retro fabric from a guy at work. His partner makes him lots of funky shirts, and I was eyeing his shirt with a gleam in my eye! I said that I felt like cutting the pocket off so I could use it for quilting. He took pity on me and brought in some (quite substantial) scraps.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Urban Home Goods Swap inspiration

I do love these inspiration collages. It's hard to pick my favourite out of these - I'm loving the houses blocks. Especially the one with the green hills...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gettin' There!

Gettin' There! by scrapstudio
Gettin' There!, a photo by scrapstudio on Flickr.

Isn't this a gorgeous block? Found it on flickr. I've been trying to come up with ideas for a quilt using just one collection of fabric, instead of my usual scrappy look. This could be it... Now a good reason to buy more fabric!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Andrew's chest

Andrew's chest by Linseed2010
Andrew's chest, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Just love the chest Andrew brought home from woodwork yesterday. It feels like silk, it's good and solid, and smells wonderful.

Hammock and palm trees

Hammock and palm trees by Linseed2010
Hammock and palm trees, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

3rd block for my wonky houses quilt. Now I'm looking forward to actually doing a wonky house!!

Dragon hatching out of an egg

Another of Andrew's pieces - home now it's the holidays.

Close up of Andrew's ceramic ball

Andrew's hollow ceramic ball

This is about the size of an orange.

Andrew's turtle - close up

Andrew's turtle

IMG_2081 by Linseed2010
IMG_2081, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

The kids made the turtle's shell with lots of different techniques and textures.

Andrew's bird

Andrew's bird by Linseed2010
Andrew's bird, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Love seeing their term's work coming home...

Andrew's work

It's the end of term, so Andrew has been steadily bringing home his ceramics, sewing and woodwork.

Top view of Andrew's bird.

Close up of Andrew's bird

IMG_2075 by Linseed2010
IMG_2075, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Like the rastafarian hat??


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