Friday, October 18, 2013

South Sea Island

Lots of shady spots for relaxing. 

Turtle nesting site!
We loved our trip to South Sea Island. The idea was to go there for the day - it's only about half an hour from Nadi's port.

They then have opportunities to snorkel from shore, go out to sea and snorkel in the deep ocean, scuba diving trips and also - for my mother-in-law, a submersible boat. Maureen could go out to sea and then just walk below deck to see the tropical fish and coral.

All three boys (husband and kids) scuba dived. It was the first time for Andrew and Ben and they loved it. I went out snorkelling off a boat and saw some amazing sights. Unfortunately, the wind picked up so it was too choppy to snorkel or scuba dive in the afternoon.

Instead, we just swam and snorkelled off shore and sat in deck chairs and lolled in the hammocks until 5. There was also a salt water pool and lots of noodles that we mucked around with, Fijian women selling some great necklaces and a barbecue lunch and singing and dancing performances. Loved it all!

On the way to the island.

The double hammock we tried out.

Activity board at the island

Monday, October 14, 2013


We really enjoyed going to the Sofitel's coffee shop. They came up with all sorts of wonderful designs. One day a frangipani and jasmine.  Another day a fern. 


The rooms took so long to be ready that they firstly brought us little glasses of juice (paw paw, passion fruit, pineapple). Then progressed to vouchers for cocktails. We chose piƱa coladas and they had the freshest ingredients!!

Sofitel pool

We arrived in Fiji on 1 October. I'll add some posts - I couldn't post while I was overseas because it would cost a bomb... 

We sat overlooking the pool for hours while our rooms were being made ready. 

Had to get used to the concept of Fiji time right from the outset!


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