Friday, December 27, 2013

Riley Blake

I'm part of the modern quilt guild. I'm in the Canberra group. There's a world-wide challenge going on at the moment. Riley Blake offered a giveaway of fabric. 

All we have to do is make a quilted item from the fabric and post up photos by February. 

From what I hear, it's bigger than Ben Hur. What quilter wouldn't say yes to free fabric!! 

This is what I'mmaking. It'll be a big cushion and will be a great opportunity to practice my cushion-construction skills. 

Christmas present

All I wanted for Christmas from my boys was for them to fix this ceramic ball that Ben brought home.

It was such a shame, he brought it home wrapped in newspaper but it didn't survive the trip on the bus.

Ben sat down yesterday and patiently glued for an hour or so. Once it's dry he'll put these two halves together. 


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