Sunday, May 27, 2012


On Friday, Ben announced that he wants to become a good cook. He scoured my cook books on Friday night and Saturday morning and got to it.

Breakfast was a fruit smoothie. He followed the instructions all by himself, which included 10 mins of soaking in lemon juice.

Lunch was bread rolls. We baked six of them in little bread pans. It was a freezing day here yesterday so it was hard to find a sunny spot for activating the yeast.

And dinner was lasagne, with a layer of spinach between the meat sauce.

To my shame, Ben didn't know what garlic looked like ( even though he watches me mincing garlic most nights!) and he didn't know what celery looked like. He pulled out leeks first off.

All three dishes were just delicious.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ice skating

My younger son Ben is 12 now, and really enjoying figure skating.

I was thinking about it, watching him at one of his twice-weekly sessions.

I showed him this Torvill and Dean clip on YouTube, from the Olympics. I realised that I was 12 when they performed this dance. I was so entranced by it, and I would have so loved to take up ice skating. But where I lived in outback Australia, there was definitely no ice rink.

So now my son is 12, and doing the figure skating lessons that I would have loved!

Ben's been taking me for lessons. I started with learning how to fall, then how to walk. I've progressed to short little glides across the ice. He's taught my husband how to skate in a circle, but says I'm not advanced enough for that yet. I said to Ben, I love that you'll tell it to me straight! Gotta love it.

Source: via nance on Pinterest


Galah by
Galah, a photo by on Flickr.

It's been a busy week - job interview, lots of late nights at work.

Today I had time to stop and look around me.

I do love that I can walk around to collect the letters, and have to stop, so I don't disturb the galahs busy eating seeds near my front door.

(And obviously, this is not my photo.)

Monday, May 7, 2012


Ben starts geography today and has to draw a world map freehand. He was practicing on the weekend. Here's his version.

Here's my not so beautiful version of the world!! But it did show Ben not to fret too much about all the bumps and accuracy.

Spoonflower fabric

Love these two fabrics in the latest Spoonflower contest.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Source: via Liz on Pinterest


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