Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adelaide and kids

One of my favourite shots - Ben, Andrew and their cousin Jessica in Adelaide. I wanted to take a shot of one of the beautiful Adelaide blue stone houses, and the kids wanted to pose. We were on the way to have coffee (me), milkshakes and big slices of cake or stacks of pancakes (them) - and then on to the beach.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marston inspired row quilt

Marston inspired row quilt
Originally uploaded by jonipony

And this is another section of the same quilt. I love the cat or dog or alien in the middle. It also looks like a cow jumping over the moon...

Row quilt

Row quilt
Originally uploaded by jonipony

This is a quilt using one of my favourite quilt books. I've made one for Ben using this technique. I just adore the out there black and white material in the border.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy birthday mum!!

It's my mum's birthday today. Mum, here's a sneak preview of the quilt I've made for you. I've found the macro function on my camera. Have a wonderful day, mum!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trapped in a gym locker

Well, Ben was trapped in this locker last weekend. I was getting changed into my gym gear. Andrew has been wanting to experiment with these lockers for ages. While I was getting changed, he found that he couldn't fit - so Ben hopped in. Then Andrew leant against it - and it locked. Andrew had the presence of mind to quickly run and tell the people who work at the pool shop. And they got a life guard. It took ages for the life guard to unlock it. The code wasn't working, she tried again and again. Then it popped open and Ben was released. The shocked, teary look on his face. Had to find tissues, give lots of cuddles, get an explanation from Andrew and from Ben, then run to my pump class. It was fantastic to have some me time after that, and calm down. The boys sat outside and read their books.

Boxing inserts

Guess what I got for my wedding anniversay - boxing inserts! I told them all at my gym class on Friday morning and everyone laughed!! I'll take the plunge and do the boxing class today. So it's 14 years now. They're on the quilt I made for our 10th wedding anniversary - and finished in time for our 12th...

Pumpkin soup

Ben's been growing pumpkins every year for three years now. This is the best of the two that actually came to fruition this year. We picked it yesterday, and I'll make a big pot of pumpkin soup today. Ben's been calling it his baby - it is certainly an odd "u" shape.

Etch a sketch castle wall

And when Ben could bear to wipe the alphabet, he did a castle wall.

Etch a sketch

Ben was busy in the car all the way to granny's on mother's day. He wrote as much of the alphabet as would fit on the etch a sketch. He did a good job - this is only a pocket sized one. He's written a through to half of v.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Never heard of them before, but these are cupcake tarts...

Originally uploaded by Anita Jamal

Just love the colours and the thought that has gone into the decorations.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pink and green triangle quilt

I'm part of an online quilt group on Flickr. I asked for triangles for my block, and sent out some pink and lime green material I'd been collecting for up to four years. These are the blocks that have come back so far. I've been planning ways to make them up into a quilt - but for now I pulled them all together into a mosaic using one of the tools on Flickr. Love all the ways the word "triangle" can be interpreted.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

We went kayaking on the lake. We all had a kayaking lesson about three weeks ago. Learnt how to tip it over, and escape. And we thought we'd hire kayaks and have a paddle for a few hours. Certainly see things differently from the water. There's a big island in the middle of the lake, so we all got out and explored for 15 minutes or so.

More kayaking.
These are linseed biscuits - I make them all the time. Sooo easy to make, and good Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. It's just - one and a half cups of oats, half a cup of linseeds, half a cup of tahini, half a cup of honey and mix. Then I get a bowl of water nearby to dip my hands in. Otherwise, it gets too sticky. And bake on baking paper. And 15 minutes on 190 degrees. What I really like about them too, is the kids can take them in their lunchboxes - no nuts.


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