Sunday, April 28, 2013


I asked Ben to give me his iPod last night before bed.

He was away for a bit then put this down on my sewing table upside down.

I happened to turn it over. A creative use of rocks to give the iPod the right heaviness. That boy. 13 now and drives me crazy sometimes.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Backing by Scrappy quilts
Backing, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Here's the backing I'm piecing for my #xplusalong quilt. I'm using my precious glamping layer cake. I'm also using all the tiny triangle off cuts from the quilt to make inch squares for the teeth around each glamping square.

Glamping range

Glamping range by Scrappy quilts
Glamping range, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Loving working with this glamping range. It's so camp (excuse the pun!) and over the top!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Close up

Ben puts a lot of detail into his signs and books.

He often adds copyright details.

Ben's door

I do love that Ben still writes notes for his door. He's set up a gym "jim" program in his room.

We go in one by one. He lolls back on his bed and gets us to do push ups and sit ups and more till failure. Then he kicks us out of his room and waits for the next sucker!

Monday, April 22, 2013

New quilt

I love the new quilt I've picked up from the quilter.

have a few little scraps of fabric left. I'll be using them for the binding.

Art gallery fabric

I made this quilt using a jelly roll of gorgeous art gallery fabric. I've picked it up from the quilter, Helen.

She has done such a great job.

99 blocks

I pinned little numbers to each block and came up with a pile of 99!

Xplusalong quilt

My xplusalong quilt turned into a bigger quilt than I expected.

I started doing the 7 inch finished blocks and really fell in love with the fabrics and the whole scrappy look. So I kept going. And going.

I actually had to take over the foyer in my house and go up the wall on one side.

Grandma's tea cups

My mother in law and I tackled my two boxes of tea cups from my two grandmas over Easter. I'm enjoying using them one by one. It's nice having the teapot and cup next to my sewing machine. It motivates me to sew.


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