Monday, August 27, 2012


I tidied up the boys' bathroom last night. Moved the games and toys from this bookshelf now that they're getting so big. It's now repurposed as their bathroom's storage shelves.
They both love it. I do too!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilt show

I went to a quilt show a couple of weeks ago. One of my favourites was by Jenny Bowker. Loved the great choice of colours and the wonderful quilting.

Swirly quilting

Love this quilting in the air above the tree. Makes me think of gentle, warm puffs of air and butterflies. Bring on summer!

Close up

Here's a close up of the beautiful quilting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm so proud of my 14-year-old Andrew. His latest English assignment was to write about masculinity.

He summed up his argument: "I think the man must be kind, fair and act as a good role model and be balanced between strictness and over kindness. He should be willing to help others when they are in need and should act politely. He shouldn't be proud or vain and should support his family."

What do you think? It made me all warm and fuzzy that he's picked up these rules to live by and that masculinity for him is not about just being strong.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tops done

Well, it's taken me about a year. I've made two quilt tops - one for my friend Elena in Boston and one for me. We both turned 50 this year so it's a very special year.

I'm planning to bring it over for Elena next year. I'll take them to the quilter this week. I'll ask her to quilt beautiful, sweeping cursive 'E's all over the quilt. Our names both start with E.

And I've managed to finish the second today because the family is away on a four wheel drive trek over night. It's been quilting and catching up with the TV series Offspring. Heaven!!

Quilt show

I went to a quilt show yesterday. I do love this pattern. The quilt is by Gwen Bates and the block is called spin cycle. Beautiful, modern and fresh.


Another block from the spin cycle quilt.


For my birthday mum commissioned my former year 6 teacher to make me two meerkats. They were such a nice surprise. The present just blew me away!

I just adore meerkats. The first I ever heard of them was when my nephew Jack was about 3 or 4. He was visiting a zoo in New Zealand with his parents, got a run up, and ended up flipping himself into the meerkat enclosure. I thought meerkats must have been a form of big cat, like a lion!

Next, one of the guys I worked with in Sydney used to be with the flying zucchini brothers - a performance group. Once he did an impersonation of a meerkat that left me unable to breathe, I was laughing so much. How can someone's whole face and body transform so!!

They're about 15 cm long. Nancy has retired from teaching and is now an artist.

I'll need to find the perfect spot in my garden for them.

For now they're scanning the sky for hawks and protecting my strawberries.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


We went out last night to visit friends on a rural property. Mark made his sticky date pudding which was a hit.

Rose had set up a bonfire for the boys. Once the flames died down they toasted marshmallows.

All three boys are entranced by fire! I've captured a rate moment of stillness and (perhaps!) reflection.

We've started meditating with the boys last thing before bed. About 8 for half an hour. For me it'll be the antidote to long hours in a stressful job. For the boys, it's a chance to learn some great skills early on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


My 12 year old - Ben - gave me two egg poachers for my birthday. We'll try it out on the weekend, the instructions say that it takes just a minute in the microwave.

What I love about this present is it proves that Ben listens to me sometimes. I was talking about the difficulties of poaching eggs a couple of weeks ago.

Blue Wren

Blue Wren by padraic_koen
Blue Wren, a photo by padraic_koen on Flickr.

I spent the day at home for my birthday this week.

I spent some time sitting outside reading, and a family of blue wrens hopped around me. There was a female, a male and what looked to be an immature male - with just some of the striking blue. They are so small, and their tinkly sound is just wonderful.

There's been a blue wren nest in our yard most years. Our first year here, it was near the boys' sandpit. Last year it was in a tangled banksia rose - nice and safe from predators.

(And obviously, this is not my photo.)


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