Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedge blocks

Wedge blocks by Scrappy quilts
Wedge blocks, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

I've unpicked my unfortunate wedge blocks that didn't work in strips. @traceyquilts suggested putting the wedges in a circle. What do you think. Have enough for loads of these. Thinking I'll appliqué onto a linen-coloured full cloth and quilt to tie it all in.

Quilting the baby quilt

Had to stop quilting this morning to take young Mr Forgetful to his figure skating lesson at Phillip. Only to realise after 15 minutes waiting for the coach that Mr 13 had the day mixed up.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Four done

Four done by Scrappy quilts
Four done, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

What I love about this block - I can make the centre strip long or short to fit anything from peace to kindness.

#xplusalong block 4 Happiness!

Baby quilt basted

Baby quilt basted by Scrappy quilts
Baby quilt basted, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Baby quilt basted now and ready for quilting - when its a little cooler tonight or tomorrow morning.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Close up of charity

Next up - kindness!

Then there were two...

Then there were two... by Scrappy quilts
Then there were two..., a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

I've now completed two of my xcrossalong blocks - peace and charity!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Lifting by Scrappy quilts
Lifting, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Look what my husband ordered for me and left in my pillow. He's working through the men's version of this.

January's paper pieced star

January's paper pieced star organised by @dontcallmebetsy I've had a week of snatching minutes before and after work to do this.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Practice block

Practice block by Scrappy quilts
Practice block, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Here's my practice block in the paper pieced stars from @dontcallmebetsy I always use patterned fabric so I'm getting used to these plains.

Third finish

Third finish by Scrappy quilts
Third finish, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Here's a better shot of my #finishit2013 decided on good boxy binding to match the block and the cityscape quilting.

Zooming ahead

Zooming ahead by Scrappy quilts
Zooming ahead, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Zooming ahead with #finishit2013 number 3. This is a pattern from @redpepperquilts I noticed on my quilt's label that it proudly says "finished in September 2010". It's now January 2013 - that's how long it's been waiting for a finish!

Binding the quilt

Binding the quilt by Scrappy quilts
Binding the quilt, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Kids are cooking dinner, feet are up, air con on and binding the quilt. Bliss!

Binding my pink and green girlie quilt.

My eyes snapped open at 5 this morning and now I'm up sewing the binding on my pink and green girlie quilt.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

flower garden

flower garden by Cabbage Quilts
flower garden, a photo by Cabbage Quilts on Flickr.

I just adore this quilt being made by Cabbage Quilts - it's from Kim McLean pattern.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Second finish

Second finish by Linseed2010
Second finish, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

Second in my #finishit2013 on Instagram (I'm @scrappyquilts) I'm about to finally add the binding to this quilt. It has 3D petals and its been quilted with big letter 'E's for Elizabeth.

My newest quilt

My newest quilt by Linseed2010
My newest quilt, a photo by Linseed2010 on Flickr.

My newest quilt will go with my newest cushion. All pink and lime green. My boys still love to snuggle with a quilt when they watch tv so it should be well used.

Pile of 5 inch scrappy squares

I had a rush of blood yesterday (and just back from two weeks away from my machine) and converted this pile of scrappy squares to a quilted strip ready to make a cushion.


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