Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ideas anyone?

Ideas anyone? by Scrappy quilts
Ideas anyone?, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Ideas anyone? I want to make an orange and turquoise quilt. Started doing windmills and hate it. Any suggestions most welcome. I adore the fabrics, but the block is not working for me.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

12 #xplusalong

12 #xplusalong by Scrappy quilts
12 #xplusalong, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

i've sewn 12 blocks now. They're each 7 and a half inches square and I want to make it a single or double bed size.

And to give myself a deadline, I told the quilter today that I'll deliver two quilts to her in 6 weeks, when I pick up the quilt she's quilting for me now.

She's a new quilter for me, and you can book yourself into her schedule weeks ahead - sounds good!

It gives me a deadline to work towards too. Always good.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Four blocks now

Four blocks now by Scrappy quilts
Four blocks now, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Four #xplusalong now. Eyes snapped open at 5.20 so I've managed another block before leaving for work at 6.30. I do love early morning quilting.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

True scrap quilt

True scrap quilt by Scrappy quilts
True scrap quilt, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

I love this #xplusalong so much I've started a new version. This time 7 inches. This is a true scrap quilt. Lots of the pieces are just 2". This block is 90% from a scrap pack I received from a fellow instagram quilter last week. I'm trying for soft, muted tones.

Block 7

Block 7 by Scrappy quilts
Block 7, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Block 7 includes two of the fabrics someone gave me in a swap last week. Already put to good use! Now that I've photographed the block, I see that I need to centre the 'charity'. Otherwise, I think this is my favourite block so far. I really concentrated on using the reds that I love most, in particular.

Sixth block - xplusalong

Label for the instagram age

Don't think I've ever mentioned Flickr and Instagram on the one quilt label before, plus one of my instagram friends @traceyquilts

Quilt label

Quilt label by Scrappy quilts
Quilt label, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Here's the label for my latest quilt - lots to say about this one!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

All borders on.

Ready for quilting. Sorry about the yuk iphone picture

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First border sewn

First border sewn by Scrappy quilts
First border sewn, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Border is pinned

Border is pinned by Scrappy quilts
Border is pinned, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

I'm getting there with this #Ialmostgaveupforever #finishit2013 The border of wedges are the off cuts from the wedges in the centre. I wanted to use every last tiny scrap of this #artgalleryfabrics jelly roll


Centres by Scrappy quilts
Centres, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

My wedge circles from #artgalleryfabrics all have centres now.

Number 5 #xplusalong done and on the design wall.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ready for appliqué.

Ready for appliqué. by Scrappy quilts
Ready for appliqué., a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

I've used the basting spray and ready for appliqué - close up.

Making circles

Making circles by Scrappy quilts
Making circles, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Making circles with my #artgalleryfabrics wedges.


Label by Scrappy quilts
Label, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

Last step in finishing this quilt - the label. Started in September 2011. Took the twin of this quilt to my friend in Boston in October. Started it and had to have one of my own!


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