Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Today, I'm working on twin quilts for twin boys due soon.

I found a great picture on Pinterest and saved it in my baby ideas folder.

It uses just solids and this is my attempt to just use solids! Just can't do it!!

Modern medallion progress

The next border in modern medallion is called Plain Jane. I made a not so Plain Jane.

I brought in the lime green touch that I'd added to the New York beauty block.

Monday, June 9, 2014


The next project I'll be working on will be my next selvages quilt. I've decided to try grouping them by colour.

I went to my quilt group a couple of weekends ago. I didn't have any hand sewing to do, so I took along my bags and bags of selvages to sort. The others all helped me sort them into colour - so I have bags of red, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, everything! I've also added a photo of my first selvage quilt - I'm still working out how to quilt it - so it's not finished yet.

Do love good detailing on a selvage!

A block from my first selvage quilt.
My first selvage quilt - now how to quilt it?

Eat, drink

I'm so thrilled with the Eat , drink table runner that I've made for my mum's long, long green dining table.

I didn't use a pattern, just launched into it, using improv piecing.

The fabric is special. I bought the green when I was at Trish's in Adelaide with mum two years ago. It's a huge fabric warehouse. And some of the low volumes in the piecing came from mum's stash - which she is progressively destashing.

Free motion quilting paisleys.
First word done.

Adding the binding.

Finished eat, drink.

Close up of the k.

Label - shaped like an apple.

We have lift off on the modern medallion!

I've joined the Modern Medallion quilt along.

There will be five or so borders. The first step is a medallion for the middle.

It's wonky and you draw your own take on a New York beauty.

I'm thrilled that I now have my four 12" quarters finished - the medallion.


I did have  crisis of confidence for a bit, seeing all the amazing colours and variations. But I thought I'd stick to my guns and go ahead with my original idea - orange, turquoise and black and white.

Some of the other versions that I'm loving have pink and green, grays, or lovely low volume prints with brights.

Here's some close ups. I'm trying a great lime green batik as a border.


Stay tuned for the next instalment!


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