Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My hairdresser has new teeny tea cups 
and matching tea pots. Heaven!

Ice hockey

Both of my boys are playing ice hockey now and loving it!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today's block

Got up early this morning and made this block. Podcasts playing to keep me engaged, all my boys sleeping!

Octagonal orb

Here's the beginnings of my octagonal orb quilt. 

I'm loving this block so much. 

I've been collecting orange and turquoise fabrics for years and I'm so glad I've found the right block for my five-years-in-the-making collection!

Mum's vintage fabric

When I was back home in July, mum gave me a little scrap of fabric. 

I took home my orange and turquoise blocks that I'm working on so it was just right. 

It's a scrap from the first dress mum ever made when she was 14 or 15, so about 60 years ago. 

I've added it to my quilt - you'll see the soft turquoise colour with the horses and carriage. 

This quilt is destined for our bed, so it's very special. 

Scrap pack

I bought a scrap pack of fabric today and turned it into some  hexies. I do love productive days. 


While I was sitting binding my latest quilt this cheeky monkey came into view! It's one of those scrappy quilts I just love where you keep finding new things to look at. 


For years I've worked in various buildings right near this lookout in the city. Years ago I heard that there are Magnolia trees that put on a great show in spring. 

This year I finally ventured the 5 minutes (!) to the lookout. It was so worth it. 


I've finished my xplusalong quilt. Finished the binding, the label is quilted into the backing and it all started with a little pack of fabric scraps from Danielle at our first Canberra Modern Quilt Guild meeting. So in love with this one. 


So exciting. My asparagus is coming through. I've been meaning to order some for years and this year was the year. I think we'll have to wait a couple of years now and then well have our own snap-fresh spears!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coconut ice

The latest blocks I've been doing are gorgeous fresh pink and white. I'm following a stern that my quilt group has sent around. The block designer calls them her 'whatever' block. I think they look like coconut ice, a favourite at school fetes when I was a kid. 


We've been following a new way of eating for two weeks now - paleo. It's basically meat, lots of veg, some fruit and nuts. Breakfast today is a smoothie. Almond milk, spinach, linseeds, blueberries, cardamom, cinnamon. Turns out brown, but tastes good!


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