Thursday, October 7, 2010

Andrew's mechanics project

Andrew and his grandad worked on his mechanics project while we were staying at their place. It's a fruit cutter. Dad did so much - and made a reality from Andrew's diagram. The boys were fascinated watching dad with an oxy torch, bending a piece of metal into a crank. Dad's a hoarder, and his old pieces of radio aerial came in handy for spacers for the blades.

And because dad's a hoarder, that's why you see his new shed in the background of this photo - to store all his stuff!!
The fruit slicer mecahnics project.
We posed the photo with a lizard tail in the garden. The fruit slicer has a shaft to hold the banana (or tomato or whatever) in place, and the blades are all at different angles. I think Andrew will be getting an A for his project, thanks to grandad Graham!

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