Friday, December 31, 2010

New year resolutions

I've been thinking a lot about my new year resolutions - like some of the people I'm following in blogland. One thing that has really captured my imagination is Michael Pollan's book In Defence of Food. He's made it very easy to understand:
  1. Eat real food (that means you need to recognise the ingredients - so none of that oxyhydrogised whatever!)
  2. Don't eat too much - so smaller plates, smaller sizes, and don't eat until you feel full.
  3. Mostly plants - and he says eat lots of leaves.
One way of looking at it is only eat things your great grandma would have recognised, so that rules out things like those tubes of yogurt.

So I'll be expanding my vege garden this year. Shopping more at farmers' markets. And I think I'll invest in some new crockery.

I think it's all good life lessons for kids. So hopefully they'll teach their kids and their grandkids...

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