Thursday, February 3, 2011

A month away from the kids

The kids have arrived back safely after a whole month away with their grandparents. It's been a long haul, and I'm overjoyed to have them back again. It did mean I could work all January, instead of trying to find vacation care - and it was fantastic of their grandparents to think of such a present. Here's some thoughts about our child-free January:

  1. We'd forgotten - after 14 years of having kids - what it's like to just go out and do things at night. Night-time mostly found us home. Finally two days before they were due home, we went out to dinner and a movie!
  2. I kept hearing the kids turning in their sleep or rustling - when they were most definitely not home. It's a bit like losing a limb - I hear that people still imagine they can feel their missing arm or leg.
  3. We kept thinking, oh the kids would like to do this, or I wish they were here to experience this - then realise that it was just us two.
  4. It's amazing how quickly you get used to being kids-free. I couldn't talk about them for the first week without tearing up and choking up. Then it got better. But I did get attacks of the sads.
  5. I could hear Ben being brave when he talked to me towards the end - mother's intuition.
  6. It's an insight into what it'll be like in no time at all when the kids are off adventuring on their own.

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