Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm featured in a blog!

So exciting, Em's scrapbag blog is featuring a photo of my latest spot quilt.

A lot of the things we do - quilting, writing, painting, whatever is done in isolation. No idea whether people will like what you do. Of course the husband and kids say nice things, but it's such a good feeling to have your photo picked up and featured!


  1. Liz, that's so nice! And I know just what you mean about doing our creating in isolation - feedback is awesome! I DO love that circle quilt, too, that you made! Congrats!

  2. Liz, thanks for your comment on my "dumb" quilt! I'm in love with it and appreciate your fabricholic comment! BTW, I love profile pic - must be you or your husband and one of your boys? Great scenery, too!

  3. I saw that yesterday and meant to come back to cheer for you, but my silly day job got busy. Congratulations, it's a beauty!



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