Friday, August 5, 2011

How versatile are you?

How exciting! My first award. Jodi has a looovely quilting blog (and lots of news about her baby grandson). She's nominated me for the Most Versatile Quilt Award. It's like a pay it forward.

I tell you seven things about myself that you probably don't know. And then I nominate five people for the award. I'll concentrate on seven versatile (mainly quilty) things about me...

  1. I find it very hard to work on just one quilt at a time. Often I'll be mid-quilt, see another idea (in a blog or on flickr) and just NEED to start the new one. I think I have 10 on the go at the moment.
  2. I went through a stage of making mainly log cabin quilts - now the more varied the better.
  3. I always make scrappy quilts. I just can't keep to the discipline of using just a handful of fabrics, say from the same collection (but I do love the look).
  4. The backs of my quilts have evolved. I used to use one piece of fabric, so the back of the quilt would be so neat. Just lately, I've been making them almost as scrappy as the front, sewing great squares of fabric together that I'll never use.
  5. Has this happened to anyone else? I absolutely will not use the fabric I bought when I started quilting. I've so moved on, it's only suitable for the backs of quilts now, or inside cushions!
  6. I move on with colours at the drop of a hat. I've just been through a black and white and bright colours stage. I went through a pink and blue stage, and I'm making a quilt with lime and brights. It makes it hard for my mum - she bought me some lovely cottagey pinks, but I was deep in the brights by then. (Will use it mum, promise!)
  7. I'm a generalist at work too - having to learn about different subjects all the time so I can write about them. I think it helps your brain stay nimble - that's my excuse for not being an expert in any field!
To keep this award moving on, I'll nominate five blogs that I love reading.
  1. Love Helen's blog, and follow her on Flickr too. Helen produces gorgeous glowing quilts, always something different. It's got to the stage when I recognise Helen's "stamp" when I see a new quilt photo pop up!
  2. This is such an arty blog. Describing it to friends, it's basically about photographing macarons in Paris. I don't care - it's Paris!!
  3. Love this blog - beautiful photos, lots of enthusiasm, gorgeous recipes and wishful-thinking shots of kitchens, giveaways. And love to see someone making a real success of blogging. Well done!
  4. Quilting prolifically says it all. I'm always staggered by the sheer volume of Trudi's quilts and ideas.
  5. Dreamy quilts, using lots of new ranges of fabric. Very inspirational. I find myself favouriting a quilt on flickr, and it belongs to Red Pepper!! I'm also following one of her tutorials at the moment, and have decided I love brights and whites now. (Moving on from black and white and brights bit by bit.)

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  1. Liz, I'm so glad you eagerly embraced the award - I was hoping not to be annoying! Interesting post you wrote - I suffer from the same kinds of "dilemmas" in quilting! I think they may be worldwide maladies - ha! Looking forward to seeing the quilt you're making from Rita's tutorial - I love her work - spectacular!



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