Saturday, September 15, 2012

New couch

We've been out weekend after weekend tracking down a new couch. We've both agreed on one - we'll be getting it in a dark gray blue. 10 weeks to go now and counting...

Love that the back and side supports cantilever up and down.


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  1. Gorgeous.. Must be even better in the color you chose. My hubs would hate it :-( hopefully I will be getting a new couch one of these days. Looked back over prior posts of yours that I missed. The boys' school looks great! Is it Elena you are going to visit next month? Is the quilt for her and is it quilted? And did your mom finish your son's quilt yet? So nosy, aren't I? Ha! I enjoy your posts but sometimes am overwhelmed by the multiple ones. I can only see a tiny bit unless I click on it, and I follow way too many for all that clicking. Not a criticism at all, please don't take it that way, but a reason why I don't comment much anymore. Looking forward to your next post, and thanks for stopping by mine and commenting on my journal. So much fun making them!



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