Saturday, February 23, 2013

12 #xplusalong

12 #xplusalong by Scrappy quilts
12 #xplusalong, a photo by Scrappy quilts on Flickr.

i've sewn 12 blocks now. They're each 7 and a half inches square and I want to make it a single or double bed size.

And to give myself a deadline, I told the quilter today that I'll deliver two quilts to her in 6 weeks, when I pick up the quilt she's quilting for me now.

She's a new quilter for me, and you can book yourself into her schedule weeks ahead - sounds good!

It gives me a deadline to work towards too. Always good.


  1. These blocks are gorgeous, Liz!

    1. thanks Jodi. I'm planning to post photos when I reach 36 and then 49. they're 7 inch blocks, and I need to do so many of them to make a quilt for our bed!! But I'm enjoying the multi coloured scrappiness - enjoying how it's all coming together.



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