Monday, March 10, 2014


We went to Elm Grove cottages this long weekend - just out of Tumut. 
I loved the green, the rustic, eco feel of it all. 
There were rivers. We kayaked. 
I let my boys head off on a kayak adventure. It was two hours. They took a phone so they could map their progress on GPS if they needed to. I took a photo of them as they headed off, then a very relieved photo when they found the bridge landmark we'd all agreed on. 
We explored caves for most of Sunday. (There's also a shot here of the skylight of the yurt we stayed in.) There were also thermal pools near the caves. 

The barbecue area was amazing. It had quirky art installations and was so well set up. It even had a home made fish basket for barbecuing fish.
This morning we headed off to explore the nearby river. I fell in three times and I've given my ring finger a spectacular, swollen bruise. It was such a good break and we feel refreshed to start the grind again!

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