Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ice skating

My younger son Ben is 12 now, and really enjoying figure skating.

I was thinking about it, watching him at one of his twice-weekly sessions.

I showed him this Torvill and Dean clip on YouTube, from the Olympics. I realised that I was 12 when they performed this dance. I was so entranced by it, and I would have so loved to take up ice skating. But where I lived in outback Australia, there was definitely no ice rink.

So now my son is 12, and doing the figure skating lessons that I would have loved!

Ben's been taking me for lessons. I started with learning how to fall, then how to walk. I've progressed to short little glides across the ice. He's taught my husband how to skate in a circle, but says I'm not advanced enough for that yet. I said to Ben, I love that you'll tell it to me straight! Gotta love it.

Source: via nance on Pinterest

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