Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mamanuca Islands

We took a day trip to the Mamanuca Islands because we wanted to check it out for the next trip to Fiji.

We took a sail boat to the islands. Soooo relaxing. 

En route to the island. 

We went snorkelling off the side of the boat half way there. And then stopped for lunch and more snorkelling. 

One of the crew shimmied up a coconut palm to get four coconuts. He also broke off a leaf and the crew spent the return trip making things for all the kids on board. 

They made a paddle boat for Ben. The paddles worked. 

One of the guys also made a bracelet for me. He tried it on me several times to make sure it fit. I took a video too. The crewman was so sure of himself - probably makes these bracelets every other day!

We sailed back for much of the return trip. Loved the sound of the wind and the feeling that the power of the wind was very ably propelling us along. 

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