Saturday, November 2, 2013


We took a day trip, visiting a remote island, Tonga Island. It was so interesting, it's near a village which had the last recorded cases of cannibalism in Fiji. The victim was an English pastor and his crime was to touch, or try to remove a chief's head dress. 

We spent about an hour on a bus then took a trip by speed boat including lots of high speed 360 degree turns. 

Mark and the kids on the boat. 

Mark was chief for the day. He had the task of giving the village chief a gift of kava root. 

These are the kind of bites that the villagers live in. They got electricity two years ago. 

They put out an amazing spread of good for us. I felt terrible because visitors eat first and I had to check this. It was so odd having the kids, the men and women from the village watching us eat first. 

I had to wear a sarong in the village and we were all given a garland to wear. 

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