Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vanuatu - day five

The day got off to a false start. We went into Port Vila, not realising most of the shops were shut - including the bookshop and the coffee shop. Mark and Andrew hadn't brought enough books, and they were almost out. In the afternoon, we went on a cruise of the lagoon with the resort's service.
The boat had a glass bottomed insert, and the boys spent part of the time with their head down in the hatch, watching for coral and fish!
Then we had to race over for the resort's next activity - watching someone shimmy up a coconut palm, then whack the top off the coconuts so we could drink the fresh cocont milk - yum!!

And the natural thing to do next is try your hand (or foot!) at climbing the coconut palms. Fortunately, they've cut steps into the trunks at intervals...

Spent more time in the pool, and then another cocktail!

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