Friday, July 23, 2010

Vanuatu - day ten

Today we went on the grand Efete tour - so a tour of lots of villages on Vanuatu's main Efete island. The first stop was a village with a big blue lagoon. The boys all took turns swinging out into the lagoon on a rope. Mark has just gone in and is swinging the rope back for Andrew.

At the next village, there was a war dance, and Ben took part in it.
The dancers posed with Andrew and Ben afterwards, then fed us local food - some delicious sweet potato in coconut and coconut milk - in freshly opened coconuts.

Next stop were some hot springs. It's set up as a therapeutic centre - you soak in the hot water, then cover yourself in the oozing mud, and then sluice it all off in slightly hotter water.
Next village, there was such a nice enterprising man, who has done a lot of work to bring tourists to his village. He's built a look out, and is building an area for feeding fish. His village was surrounded by water, and just paradise on earth. One of the men performed a fire walk, and we posed for a photo afterwards.

One of my favourite shots of Andrew. It was taken at the next village, when we were waiting for the locals, so we could kayak in a cave.

We were running a bit late, so only a few of us kayaked. The boys went in with a local, and we'd been told that some people had kayaked into the dark cave a few years before, and hadn't returned. Mark and I waited and waited until our boys reappeared - everyone else had gone back to the bus by then. The boys each had a torch and saw fossils on the roof of the caves. The kayak disappeared into a small gap...
And the last cocktail for the trip - a coconut mudslide. It was even better than it looks!!

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