Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vanuatu - day nine

Today we had a swim in the pool then caught a ferry over to Erakor Island with Kay for a coffee and a snorkel. Ben found a frangipani flower on the way to the ferry...
We thought this sign was great. Written in Bislan, it reads "Sipos yu wantem ferry yu klim gong". So if you want the ferry, kling the gong. Their pigeon English language is very logical.

We also did our good deed for the day. Mark and the boys noticed a crown of thorns - they eat coral - and let the island manager know. He came with his pointy stick and killed it. The island's workers do a sweep for crown of thorns every morning, but this one must have moved in later.
The coffee was great, and the kids enjoyed their milkshakes. I loved the table decorations, set in a green coconut shell.

We walked past some of the rooms on our way to snorkelling. Loved the "Welkam" coconuts by the doors of the rooms.

We headed off snorkelling from this beach, and around the point a bit too. It was low tide, but when we got out into the water quite some way, we found a great drop off of coral and loads of fish. The water was beautiful and warm.

When we got back to the resort, the boys were thrilled to find the spa working. While we all waited for  our lunch, the boys enjoyed the warmth.

I started to feel quite sad in the afternoon, that the holiday was nearing to an end. We sat and read books for a while, but I couldn't stop looking at the view and taking photos. If you happened to look at my feet closely, you'd find a coral cut - which is an essential accessory to a tropical holiday!

Mark brought me a Fallen Frozen Angel cocktail - lovely.

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  1. Ben looks very sweet with his flower :) And yummo to the cocktails!



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