Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vanuatu - day six

Today Mark and I went to the gym, then he did a scuba diving refresher in the pool. Andrew was off colour this morning, so we stayed around the resort.

In the afternoon, we went to Iririki Island Resort - it's an island off Port Vila - to have a look around. This was the other place we'd been thinking about when we booked the trip. Their reception room had a couple of amazing masks on the wall - studded with shells. They would have made the wearer look very threatening.  Took a couple of close up pics too - to show the shell details. Just beautiful.

We played a 'How well do you know your partner' game back at the resort after dinner, with some other couples. Mark knows me so well. They asked, what's your favourite food. I said fruit, Mark remembered that it's coq au vin. Mum used to cook that for me on childrens' day every year - I think she must have made up childrens' day??

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